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ISO Shipping Container

Check out the latest new product over in the Rust Forge Store, The ISO Shipping Container! Modeled in 28mm accurate scale and made of injection molded plastic the ISO shipping container is perfect for building dockyards, cargo depots, drop sites, military bases, and much more. It also makes for great scatter terrain of a modern, postmodern, and futuristic gaming table. What ruined city would be complete without a hidden cargo container, serving as a hab-block, ammo cache, or even fortress wall. The possibilities are endless.

Each kit comes with enough parts to assemble one container in one of three different patterns. You can make a standard 20 foot container, a refrigerated container, or a container that opens with doors on both ends.

Hesco Barriers in Accurate Scale

We are proud to announce our new line of Hesco barriers in 28mm accurate scale. We have a variety of sizes available from the standard height to the double height and all the way down to the quarter size. All of them are the same scale, are stackable, and can be easily assembled into any Hesco construction you can dream up. In the head future we should also have some half height containers as well as a number of Hesco constructions. Keep your eyes on the blog and on the store.

Back From Adepticon 2013

We are back from Adepticon and hitting the ground running here at Rust Forge. We had a tremendously successful launch at Adepticon with our Hesco barriers and especially our cargo containers. There were lots of folks interested in our cargo containers and yes lots of comparisons to the old AT-43 cargo containers, but hey we expected that.

The big news is that our website is finally up and nearly 100% complete. Within the next few days we should have the last few parts operational and be able to start taking orders in the web store.

Also we are going to have some big news regarding some really cool plastic products coming out in the next several months. So be sure to watch here and to watch over on the development blog for the first sneak peeks.

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